Zion National Park

This is our final National Park  that we visited.  We had to take a shuttle through the park due to heavy traffic and it was a great way to see it.  Here, as opposed to Bryce where we were looking down on the sights, we were at the bottom of the canyon looking up so it was a completely different feeling.  The last picture is the Virgin River is what created the  canyon over many millions of years.  Amazing.  It was 113 degrees in St. George the day we went but it was not quite that hot in the park.  However, when we got back to town it was HOT!!  AC cars are wonderful.  
We have had a great trip and I am looking forward to being home in a couple days.  Thanks for your remarks.  I am glad we can see these places and share them with you.  

Our best to each and every one of you.