8 great iPhotos Grand Tetons

  Heart Six Guest Ranch in the heart of the Tetons. 



Where we stayed




 Mt Moran- see the glacier


Jackson Lake which is very large. 






you can several glaciers on Mt. Moran in this picture. 


August 22, 2011

This was 2 days ago after we left Idaho and  the Craters of the Moon Park.  We first drove through Jackson Hole. WY which is the south end of Teton Nat'l Park.  They also had a very informational Visitor's Center in Jackson.  I had no idea they were so close to each other.  John D Rockefeller Jr. made many contributions to the Park, in fact 24,000 acres.  The scenery was magnificent in all of its glory.  I am so happy we decided to visit there this year. 

We stayed at the Heart 6 Guest Ranch in a rustic cabin in the middle of the park with no TV, Microwave, Refrigerator and no good reading lamp but we read a lot anyway. There was also no phone service or wi fi.  You do get used to those things.  About 8:00 PM it started to rain and it sounded wonderful on the tin roof.  It was still raining in the morning and we had a dirt path down to our car and it was not easy for me to navigate.  Oh the fun we have on some of our adventures.  Ric went to the car and brought me the umbrella so I survived.   After breakfast in another rustic building, we headed north to Yellowstone National Park just up the road.  More about that in next letter 

love to all, 
Ric and Jan